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Korean Op-Ed: The Truth Behind K-Pop Monopolization by SM and YG Entertainment


When questioned about the cruelness of YG Entertainment’s decision to constantly feature members such as B.I and Bobby in upcoming competition programs, YG CEO Yang Hyunsuk responded, “It’s not that we like survival competitions or tournaments, the world is a competition. Through this program, I believe that these artists will better understand the world. It may seem cruel now, but I don’t feel sorry because they will be stronger in the end.”

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I just want to be a great artist for the fans and I want to be a great man for my girl.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Yeah… I have a million girls in the world… my fans.

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Imagine Hakyeon doing Anaconda on stage and Hongbin sitting in the chair and the rest of Vixx staring at Hakyeon’s butt jiggle. They all have large erections.